Expecting Parents:

Congratulations on the upcoming new addition to the family!

We know that this is an exciting and an anxiety filled time.   We want to make it easier for the expecting families to navigate through the confusion, between hospital visits and your doctor visits.

Let us and the hospital know

We ask that you notify our office prior to the baby’s birth, if you have chosen us as your child’s pediatrician.

When you go in for delivery, inform the nurses that your have chosen Dr. Gupta's practice so they can call our office when your baby is born.

On-site Certified Lactation Consultant

We offer an on-site Certified Lactation Consultant in the office, who helps you transition from breast feeding in the Hospital, to breast feeding successfully after discharge. We have a high rate of success with breastfeeding, with more that 80% of our moms breastfeeding exclusively in the babies first month.

There is no additional charge for the personalized lactation consultation.

Pre-Natal Appointments

If you are curious about our unique practice, please call us and set up a free pre-natal appointment. Our office staff and Dr. Gupta will meet you, and help you navigate through some of the confusion, including financial and insurance conundrums. . We want to put you at ease, so that your birthing experience, nursery experience and your subsequent visits to our pediatric office are as comfortable as possible.